March 20th, 2019

Macayla has been a great friend of mine sense freshman year in high school, So naturally when she asked me to help her surprise Austin with this photoshoot i was OVERJOYED to say the least! 

Macayla and Austin have been together sense our Junior year of high school and the two were basically inseparable sense the time they met. They share a love that most people WISH they had and they are so naturally in sink with each other they make photographing them easy as ever! (Although Austin says he hates doing these) I think this time he changed his mind!

Macayla and I planned on telling Austin that this was a practice shoot for me, as i "had an upcoming" Shoot i was nervous for. We could not have planned this any better as when Macayla turned around Austin DIDN'T even believe that this was true and he was going to be a DAD!

We took about two minutes to convince Austin that we were in fact NOT joking and that she was actually pregnant. From that realization on Austin wouldn't let go of Macayla and he was so overjoyed! 

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