Getting familiar with the TNMX team!

First, I want to start off by saying welcome to my first official blog post spotlighting some riders that race at Thursday night motocross! Hopefully my writing will keep you all entertained enough to continue reading these blog posts! ;) 

Let start off with introducing Thursday Night Motocross. For those that don't know, TNMX is the LONGEST running night track in the USA, and has been going for over 50 years. The Wylder brother Rick and Ron are the ones who run and operate the facility for us each and every Thursday evening. One way that Rick and Ron help out in the motocross community ( other than the obvious place to ride on Thursday nights ) Is by having their own Thursday Night Motocross team. Each year the team sees some new riders and some that get to stick around for a few years. 

These select riders are treated like full factory riders! When they become part of the TNMX team, They get not only matching gear and bikes but also TONS of sponsors to go along with it. Thats relationships with companies they wouldn't have had without this new sponsorship of Thursday night motocross. Fly racing has been a sponsor of Thursday night motocross as long as I can remember and each year the team is ALWAYS looking "fly" with the latest gear! This year I've seen that they are sponsored by JJW designs, Hoosier Tires, Mika Metals, Scott Goggles, U of MX, Red Bull, DT1 Filters, VP Racing, and literally SO many other companies.

Now lets get to the fun stuff. Actually learning who our Thursday Night Motocross riders are this year, and getting to know each of them slightly better!

Makayla Emerson #25

Me: So let everyone know who you are, what you ride and things like that!

Makayla: Im Makayla Emerson! I've been riding for 5 years and I currently ride a husquavarna 105 and recently got a yz 125. I race in the womens amateur class and also starting this year in the 125 amateur class as well!

Me: Alright, so I think the TNMX team experience is pretty cool, What are your thoughts and hows the environment? 

Makayla: The TNMX team is an awesome experience! You are on a team with people who are extremely nice and everyone is willing to help! Its like a big family! Having all the sponsors that this team offers, now means a lot more attention and people really open their eyes and watch you ride now!

Me: So Whats your favorite track to ride? Locally? Nationally? That you've ridden anyways?

Makayla: Honestly, My favorite track is TNMX because every week it changes, and you can always guarantee something technical, That way every week no matter what riders come, there is some type of separation. My all time favorite track I would say I Hangtown, Just because it was a new area with all new people and terrain. 

Me: Alright, Lastly, Who do you want to thank for getting you this far and just in general?

Makayla: I really want to thank both of my parents, Both Rick and Ron for giving me this experience, and EVERYONE who's follows me or sees me at the track and says 'Great Job" or "your Killing it out there!" , along with any of my close friends as well!

Untitled photo

More of Makayla

Matthew Bradstreet #44

Me: Alright Matthew, Let us know who you are and what you ride.

Matthew: Names Matthew Bradstreet and I've been riding for 6 years. I ride a 2017 KX250f, and I currently ride in the Junior class.

Me: What do you like about being a part of the TNMX team?

Matthew: Being part of the team is really cool. I get to meet a lot of people I wouldn't normally have met without the help of Rick and Ron and the TNMX team. I really like the Fly gear and all the styles along with their new helmets!

Me: What are some of your favorite tracks here in the PNW?

Matthew: Obviously TNMX is one of my favorites, But Washougal is probably my absolute favorite!

Me: Who do you want to thank?

Matthew: Rick and Ron Wylder, Thursday Night Motocross, Red Bull, Fly Racing, JMR suspension, Hoosier Tires, JJW designs, Mika Metals, Scott Goggles, Evans Coolants, Rekluse, U of MX, DT1 Filters, VP racing fuel, Mobuis braces, NGK Spark Plugs, Acerbic, Atlas brace, Pro Caliber, My parents and my Grandparents! 

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More of Matthew

Amelie Larocque #10

Me: Hey Amelie! Let everyone know who you are!

Amelie: Im Amelie Larocque, Ive been riding for about 4 years and I ride a KTM 250F. I currently ride the womens amateur class and occasionally the 250 Junior class!

Me: What are your thoughts on the Thursday Night Motocross team? 

Amelie: I really enjoy being part of the team! Its fun because its like another whole family and everyone is just so nice and willing to help! All the sponsors that come with being part of the TNMX team are great as well! Its nice knowing that I can get the stuff that I need, and knowing I have support from each of these sponsors!

Me: Favorite track both locally and all over?

Amelie: Washougal MX is my favorite track here locally. I also really liked Milestone MX down in Southern California!

Me: How did this Thursday night no for you?

Amelie: Thursday night went well for me! Each race things are starting to come together and I'm gaining confidence weekly! I went 2-2 in womens amateur Thursday night.

Me: Who do you want to thank?

Amelie: I'd like to thank my mom and my dad for always pushing me, Also I'd like to thank all the other people that have helped me throughout the sport, just like you Krista, For helping with lessons with me and helping me gain confidence! Also, Rick and Ron Wylder and the Thursday Night Team for not only giving me the opportunity to be part of the team, but for me gaining tons of new sponsors!

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More photos of Amelie

There were two TNMX riders who were out due to injuries this week, but i was able to catch up with both of them and ask them a few questions!

Joey Bradstreet

Me: Hey Joey! Bummed your not riding! Whats is like being part of the Thursday Night Motocross team?

Joey: Its great to be part of the TNMX team! The team is very family friendly and very well organized and it also feels great knowing that if something goes wrong, my sponsors have my back and they make sure I have what is needed to get me back on the track!

Me: Thats super cool Joey, so how come your not riding tonight?

Joey: I crashed a few weeks back and just still healing from some minor injuries!

Me: what are your favorite tracks both locally and nationally? 

Joey: Locally, TNMX has got to be my favorite. It has a very fun layout and everyone who comes out seems to have a good time. Nationally, Loretta Lynns has to be my favorite because its super technical, but also really fun! 

Me: Who do you wanna thank?

Joey: Thursday Night Motocross, Rick Wylder, Ron Wylder, JMR suspension, Hoosier Tires, Fly racing, JJW designs, Alpinestars, Mika Metals, Scott Goggles, Mobius Braces, DT! filters, FMF racing, RK Chains and Excel Rims, Rekluse Motorsports, NGK Spark plugs, VP racing fuel, Atlas brace, U of MX, Stance Socks, My parents and grandparents!

Preston Wittkopp

Preston: I'm Preston Witkopp, I've been riding for about 12 years and i ride a Yamaha yz 125.

Me: How come your not riding right now?

Preston: I'm not riding because i broke 10% of the bone off my shoulder socket and broke my shoulder joint, so i have to have surgery to get all that fixed.

Me: What is it like being part of the Thursday Night team?

Preston: Its super cool being part of the TNMX team. Their whole program is super sick and everything flows. They hook us up with gear and graphics for the year and its like a family environment. The sponsors are just the icing on the cake! I get to help promote brands while they are helping me out.

Me: What are your favorite tracks here locally and nationally?

Preston: Here in the NW probably Washougal or TNMX. Not being biased, but the setup they have is epic and the track is always in good condition! My favorite track of all time is Cahuilla down south, and its just my type of track and i normally run pretty good on it!

Me: Who do you wanna thank?

Preston: I wanna thank Rick and Ron and the whole Thursday Night Motocross team for everything they've done for me over the years and continuing the races every year! I also want to thank JMR suspension, JJW designs, Fly Racing, Mika Metals, DT1 air filters, Advocare, Hoosier Tires, Northwest Paint & Pressure washing, and all my friends and family that support me! 

Below are photos I've gotten of both Joey and Preston from either early on this Summer or over the winter as well!

Some older photos of both Joey and Preston

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